Andrew Spicer

Andrew Spicer is Professor of Early Modern European History at Oxford Brookes University. His research focuses on the socio-cultural impact of the Reformation, particularly iconoclasm, church buildings and the material culture of worship. He is currently completing a monograph titled War, Revolt and Sacred Space: Cambrai and the Southern Netherlands, c. 1566–1621, and is the author of Calvinist Churches in Early Modern Europe (2007). He co-edited Society and Culture in the Huguenot World, c.1559–1685 (2002), Sacred Space in Early Modern Europe (2005), Defining the Holy: Sacred Space in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (2005), Public Opinion and Changing Identities in the Early Modern Netherlands (2006), Ritual and Violence: Natalie Zemon Davis and Early Modern France (2012), The Place of the Social Margins, 1350–1750 (2016), and edited Lutheran Churches in Early Modern Europe (2012) and Parish Churches in the Early Modern World (2016). He is a former President of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference.